Categories of Personal Information

I was looking around a few months ago for a good list of categories of personal information but couldn’t come up with anything I found that was comprehensive enough. Everyone […]

Embedding Privacy By Design

December 5, 2016 – Enterprivacy Consulting Group principal Privacy and Trust Consultant R. Jason Cronk provides Privacy by Design guidance through an recorded webinar with the International Association of Privacy […]

2015: the year in data privacy

As part of our collaboration with the Collaborista Blog, we posted a blog about Data Privacy Day, held every January 28th. Read more at

Is 2013 the Year of the Privacy Engineer?

[Previously published on the IAPP Privacy Perspectives] Nascent is a term I often use to describe the field of privacy engineering. Not until this fall have the first students of […]

Notification as a privacy practice

As I’ve said time and time again, notification plays a big role in privacy. It is first principle of the Fair Information Practice Principles (also see However, in my […]