December 5, 2016 – Enterprivacy Consulting Group principal Privacy and Trust Consultant R. Jason Cronk provides Privacy by Design guidance through an recorded webinar with the International Association of Privacy Professionals. With the increasing need for companies to perform Privacy by Design analysis (as a result of such laws as Europe’s new General Data Protection Regulation), Jason and the IAPP felt it was important to bring practical know how to the privacy professionals’ community. Many privacy professionals, while having an understanding of general Privacy by Design principles, lack the tools needs to embed privacy into the design process. While the webinar touches on a practical approach to PbD, the one hour format only scratched the surface. If your company would like a deeper dive into Privacy by Design, reach out to Enterprivacy Consulting Group to find how we can help.

The webinar is free for IAPP members. Here is the description from the IAPP website:

Thinking about privacy protection and controls after a new product, service or program has launched is always suboptimal when it comes to protecting the personal data of those involved in the new effort. A much more effective approach is to think about the collection, use, and storage of that valuable and sensitive information before you even collect it. Privacy by Design refers to the process of proactively crafting processes and procedures to do just that, with the goal of protecting and properly stewarding that information while it’s in your control.

This recording of a popular Atlanta KnowledgeNet presentation given in 2016 will explain what Privacy by Design is, and how you can apply it to the privacy efforts within your organization.

What you’ll take away:

•    How to proactively design processes and procedures to protect personal and sensitive information in your control.
•    Cautionary tales about what can go wrong when PII is mishandled.
•    The types of architectural, technical and policy controls you can put into place to best manage the PII in your stewardship