What’s the secret to a successful product or service that practically sells itself?

It's in the details.

Built-in privacy features are the 21st century currency of the most competitive and cutting-edge businesses worldwide.

Put our privacy expertise to the test! Let our firm help you uncover and design around risk, putting your products and services ahead of the competition.

Boutique privacy consultancy with subject matter expertise in privacy design and threat modeling. Let us help you build privacy into your products, services or business processes.

Did you know that privacy is about more than just securing personal data?

You may (not) be surprised, but most businesses don’t! 

In a survey of companies, NYU Professor Ari Waldman found most privacy lawyers equated privacy to notice and choice whereas most IT professionals equated privacy to encryption or security.  

Businesses have blindspots when it comes to privacy and most wouldn’t even notice certain privacy risks. Often, they are often too focused on security and data breaches, which distract from basic privacy concerns, but security and privacy are separate, though both important concerns.

Ready to up your privacy game?

Privacy should always be a guarantee… together we can make it so!

Every potential interaction, whether with people, information, or even property can pose potential privacy risks. 

But how can you possibly account for every potential risk? 

That’s where we come in… ensuring your products and services surpass the competition.

Designing for Privacy Requires

– considering non-security issues, such as the secondary use of information, interrogation and interfering with individuals’ autonomy in decision making.

– systematically identifying threats and threat actors.

– building a team and organization that do this on a continuous basis.

(Security doesn’t give you that)

Up Your Privacy Game.

A little privacy goes a long way when you build from within… Let us help you build privacy into all elements of your products, services, and business processes. 

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