Privacy Tools

Privacy Tools


Be Strategic. Design your systems with privacy in mind and build trust

Here is our suite of privacy design tools that can help you keep your clients information for their eyes only.

Privacy Design Wizard

This tool helps companies build privacy into their products, service, and process.

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Privacy Risk Tool

This tool uses a very simplified system model to identify risks and controls. 

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Sales Tool

Helps potential clients understand what types of controls your company has in place to protect privacy.

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Privacy Tools Suite Benefits

Design Wizard

  • Build privacy into products, services, and processes
  • Quit brainstorming, apply a systematic approach to privacy design
  • Increases trust for your organization

Risk Tool

  • Analyses risk from an individual's perspective
  • Based on the Solove Taxonomy of Privacy.
  • Seeks to make a broad-based determination for a typical person
  • For analysis under GDPR’s Article 25 and NIST Privacy Framework

Sales Tool

  • Avoid delays in selling your products and services to businesses
  • Generate a sales slick to present to potential clients
  • Helps you tell your company's privacy story
  • Explains controls that are currently in place, so customers know how you remove their private information

Why Privacy Matters

Privacy design can be more important than compliance alone


From the author of the book, "Strategic Privacy by Design." These tools help you apply the methodology and stay ahead of the curve.

Build Trust By Design

Lots of companies will sell you compliance software or tools. But these tools are fraught with generalizations about how the law interprets privacy. Building privacy into the designs can not only bridge regulations across jurisdictions but help you build more trusted products, services, and processes.

We value your privacy (SERIOUSLY!)

WARNING: These tools present one perspective and is a starting point for businesses to assess the privacy risks a particular system and presents where to drive resources to reduces those risks. No warranties are implied as to the suitability of this tool for determination of compliance with any privacy law. Users of this tool should make an independent analysis.