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Robert Jason Cronk


With more than fifteen years of experience in the Information Technology industry and as a licensed attorney in Florida, Robert Jason Cronk is a creative and analytical thinker, able to traverse the realms of business, law, and technology.  In 2004, while working in the information security department of Verizon, Mr. Cronk decided to make his long standing personal interest in information privacy a career choice. In 2006, he entered Florida State University School of Law where he focused his research on privacy law issues, including authoring a white paper on the intersection of privacy and public records for the Florida First Amendment Foundation. After graduating, with honors, he earned his CIPP/US, was admitted to practice in Florida and has become an active member of the privacy professionals community through his involvement in the International Association of Privacy Professionals. He has since been awarded the Certified Information Privacy Technologist (CIPT), Certified Information Privacy Manager (CIPM) and Fellow of Information Privacy designations by the IAPP.

He currently writes, blogs and speaks on topics such as privacy and data security law, privacy by design, privacy engineering, privacy enhancing technologies (PETs), digital currencies, and privacy in public records. His twitter handle is @privacymaverick and his blog can be found at


Selected Papers and Speeches

  •  “Distributed Networks and the Law” – Florida State University College of Law, guest lecturer Cyberlaw, Tallahassee, FL (Nov. 21, 2014)
  •   “Technology, the facilitator of privacy in the modern age?” Data Protection Law & Policy Volume 10 Issue 12 (Dec. 2013)
  •   “A Guide to Data Privacy for Business and IT Executives” Whitepaper, Customer Name Withheld (Dec. 3 2013)
  •  “Designing for Privacy: Principles and Practices” Intel Security Conference Portland, OR (Nov. 19, 2013 )
  •  “Privacy Engineering Primer” IAPP Privacy Academy 2013, Bellevue, WA (Sept. 30, 2013)
  •   “Notice and Consent in the Internet of Things” Cutter IT Journal of Information Technology Management Vol. 26 No. 8 (Aug. 2013)
  •  “A Primer on Privacy Engineering”, IAPP Global Summit preconference workshop, Washington, D.C. (Mar. 6, 2013)
  •   “Is 2013 the year of the privacy engineer?” IAPP Privacy Perspectives (Sept. 12, 2013)
  •  “Information Security Law” – Florida State College of Law, guest lecturer CyberLaw Tallahassee, FL (Oct. 10, 2011)
  •  “Privacy By Design” – IAPP KnowledgeNet Miami, Florida (Jul. 14, 2011)
  •  “Privacy Architecting” – Verizon Architect’s Club (Apr. 4, 2011 & Dec. 8, 2011)
  •   “Open Government in the Information Age” –Florida First Amendment Foundation (Oct. 15, 2007)
  •   “The Facebook Generation Discovers Privacy” – FSView Opinion Column (Sep. 15, 2006)
  •   “The Geodesic Marketspace” – YnotNetwork (Aug. 14, 2003)
  •  “Streaming Microcash: A statistically sampled streaming micro-payment system.” – Conference on Financial Cryptography Rump Session, Grand Cayman, BWI (Feb. 20, 2001)
  •  “Value-Added Market Spaces: The application of auction markets to digital goods.” – Conference on Financial Cryptography Rump Session, Anguilla (Feb. 27, 1997)

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