Design with Privacy in Mind

Enterprivacy Consulting Group’s principal consultant, R. Jason Cronk, is a recognized leader in privacy by design and the author of the Certified Information Privacy Technologist textbook Strategic Privacy by Design, Second Edition published by the International Association of Privacy Professionals.

Enterprivacy is here to help you design client-driven and privacy-focused products, services, and business processes.

Whether our consultants serve you by…


  • independently preparing a detailed report of potential issues and areas in need of improvement so that they may be addressed as you choose
  • acting as an integrated part of your development team to guide you toward a smooth operational system
  • sitting in on meetings, leading workshops, and generally taking on the role of an external reviewer providing guidance and suggestions
  • … or training your team in the art of privacy by design and being available as a sounding board for your questions and ideas.


… We provide the assistance that fits your needs.

Design with Privacy in Mind

Level 1: Strategic Design

Based on the nature and purpose of the product, service, or process being reviewed, a Strategic Design report identifies vulnerabilities and threat actors, and highlights the factors contributing to privacy risks. It concludes by delineating strategies to mitigate those risks and where those strategies should be applied.

Level 2: Strategic Gaps and Tactical Design

A Strategic Gaps and Tactical Design report expands on the Strategic Design report by identifying strategic gaps between the proffered design and the architecture of the actual product, service or process. For non-deployed strategies, this report indicates the organization’s justification and analysis as to why the strategy was not used. For deployed strategies, the report details tactical design recommendations for each strategy.

Level 3: Tactical Analysis

A Tactical Analysis report identifies gaps between the proposed tactics in the Tactical Design report and those tactics that were implemented. This report looks to see whether the implemented tactics sufficiently mitigate risks.

Level 4: Tactical Assessment

A Tactical Assessment looks at a range of identified tactics implemented by the organization and reviews the sufficiency of that implementation to mitigate risks. Unlike the other reports, this report is limited in scope to a predefined set of tactics desiring extra scrutiny.

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