Give Your Business the Credibility It Deserves Through Industry Assessments and Certifications

If you’re planning to have your privacy program assessed, either for internal purposes or to obtain a certification, conducting a pre-assessment check will help ensure your organization is ready. Nothing is worse than going through a third party assessment only to discover your program doesn’t meet the requirements. A pre-assessment check can help.

Consider a pre-assessment check an ‘assessment light’ intended to verify that you have in place the chief elements to be assessed. It isn’t a full assessment and doesn’t guarantee you’ll pass, but offers reassurance that the basic considerations are covered. We can do pre-assessment checks against any of the assessment standards below.

Ready For the Real Deal

A pre-assessment check is just one step in the process of obtaining a seal of approval for your privacy program. When you’re ready to move forward with the next step, we can also conduct a full assessment of your program against many standards.

NIST Privacy Framework Capability Assessment

We’ll help you develop a Current Profile of your privacy program against the NIST Privacy Framework Core. Knowing where your program stands will tell you if it’s assessment-ready. 

IOPD Privacy Design Process

Applying for certification under the Institute of Operational Privacy Design’s Process standard? We can conduct a pre-assessment check or a full assessment for certification.

GDPR, CCPA, and other laws

While not a law firm, Enterprivacy can help you gather evidence to support an assessment of your efforts to comply with various laws around the world.


Previously the gold standard measure of privacy programs, many organizations still use AICPA’s Generally Accepted Privacy Principles as a foundation for their privacy program. We can help assess your organization’s current compatibility with the GAPP.


If you have a proprietary set of assessment criteria or use one of many other standards not mentioned here, contact us to discuss assessment options.

In addition to the above privacy program assessments, we offer Maturity Assessments to determine the maturity of your privacy program and Privacy Risk Assessments to identify and quantify risks created by your products, services, and business processes.

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