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Jason Cronk

R. Jason Cronk
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Enterprivacy Consulting Group’s reaching new heights with our first hire: Privacy Intern Carmen!

Enterprivacy Consulting Group is pleased to announce it’s first hire, a privacy intern named Carmen (last name withheld for ummmm…privacy! Duh). Carmen will be working part-time at first, though the hope is she can transition to a full time role in short order.

Enterprivacy Consulting Group recognizes the need for more privacy professionals and is committed to not cannibalizing from the small pool of existing experts but training and developing new talent in this growing profession.

Not a picture, not even a likeness
*Not a picture of Carmen

Carmen will be supporting numerous projects at Enterprivacy Consulting Group:

  • Providing research for our forthcoming book on Strategic Privacy by Design
  • Providing research for our Privacy by Design risk analysis software
  • Supporting development of our Privacy by Design risk analysis software
  • Translating our GDPR Privacy Notice generator into Spanish
  • Learning everything she can about privacy


Please join us in welcoming Carmen to the wonderful world of privacy!

P.S. Enterprivacy Consulting Group is also seeking a full-time Digital Marketing Specialist  so if you know someone who might be interested, please put them in touch!

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