Jason Cronk’s NEW Book: Strategic Privacy by Design

R. Jason Cronk’s book, Strategic Privacy by Design, is available now to order from IAAP Publishing. Advance praise for R. Jason Cronk’s book: “Jason Cronk’s Strategic Privacy by Design sets forth a clear, comprehensive, and highly practical blueprint for incorporating privacy into design. Cronk deftly explains the dimensions of privacy in a sophisticated way that is […]

ISO/PC 317- Consumer protection: privacy by design for consumer goods and services

ISO/PC 317 brings together privacy experts from around the world to develop the first set of international guidelines for ensuring consumer privacy is included in the design of products and services. In this effort, Enterprivacy Consulting Group has joined national brands like Apple, Google and Microsoft and major consulting firms like Ernst and Young, KPMG […]

Privacy by Design workshop

Enterprivacy Consulting Group’s Privacy by Design workshop is a half day or one day workshop to help companies build privacy considerations into their product offerings. The half day workshop consists of training around the conceptual foundations of Privacy by Design, followed by training on a practical process to achieve it. The process is based on […]

How Airbnb could use Privacy by Design to mitigate their discrimination risks.

I’m working on a presentation on Privacy by Design (PbD) for the IAPP Atlanta KnowledgeNet chapter in September. The purpose of my presentation is to do a deep dive into “Embedding Privacy into Design”, one of the seven PbD principles. While I find many practitioners may have a high level understanding of PbD, that understanding […]