R. Jason Cronk’s book, Strategic Privacy by Design, is available now to order from IAAP Publishing. 

Advance praise for R. Jason Cronk’s book:

“Jason Cronk’s Strategic Privacy by Design sets forth a clear, comprehensive, and highly
practical blueprint for incorporating privacy into design. Cronk deftly explains the dimensions of privacy in a sophisticated way that is enlightening not just to novices but also to seasoned experts. Cronk’s copious use of concrete examples is some of the very best I’ve seen. Well organized and accessible, this book has numerous helpful charts and illustrations. This book is an essential resource for engineers as well as privacy professionals.”
– Prof. Daniel Solove, George Washington University Law School and President of TeachPrivacy

“Having created Privacy by Design so many years ago, it is truly heartwarming to see a book dedicated to exploring its application and breadth! Jason has done an excellent job in outlining the value of proactively embedding privacy into the design of one’s operations, in an effort to prevent the privacy harms from arising. Jason’s book will no doubt become a welcome addition in many jurisdictions.”
– Ann Cavoukian, Ph.D., Three-term Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario, Canada, Distinguished Expert-in-Residence, Privacy by Design Centre of Excellence, Ryerson University

“This book is a formative piece of work. Individually I’ve read Cavoukian, Solove and Nissenbaum, but Jason introduces Hoepman among others and then blends their concepts, resulting in a framework that is pragmatic, thorough and probably quite different from most
of the other approaches you may have come across.”
– Tim Clements, Program Manager, Copenhagen

“Jason operationalizes the seven PbD principles into a practical formula that links privacy
threats and controls into a repeatable framework. The approach holistically integrates legal
and philosophical foundations of privacy with practical technical controls and mitigations
that engineers can apply, today.”
– Prof. Travis Breaux, Editor of Introduction to IT Privacy

“Cronk’s book provides a strong foundation for analyzing potential privacy issues in the design of products and services, and I have already started using some the strategies and the thought-provoking examples when I create internal frameworks and hold training sessions. I highly recommend it for anyone looking for a constructive, structured and repeatable approach to PbD.”
– Lars Vinden, Corporate Privacy Counsel/DPO, Telia NorgeI