ISO/PC 317 brings together privacy experts from around the world to develop the first set of international guidelines for ensuring consumer privacy is included in the design of products and services. In this effort, Enterprivacy Consulting Group has joined national brands like Apple, Google and Microsoft and major consulting firms like Ernst and Young, KPMG and PwC.

Implementing the ISO/PC 317 standard will help companies comply with regulations and avoid data breaches that threaten consumers’ trust in the digital world. The standard will allow providers of both goods and services to address all the issues of privacy by design, so that consumers can have greater confidence in their purchases and regain control over the use of their data.

ISO/PC 317 will exceed GDPR by addressing cyber security of consumer products from the design stage.

The standard will impact online service providers, mobile application developers, providers of digitally connected consumer products, such as home appliances and wearable devices, and more.