Virtual Montréal and Ottawa KnowledgeNet

Please join the Montréal and Ottawa chapters for an exciting bilingual webinar (French-English) on privacy by design (PbD). The discussion will include an introduction to the PbD concept, PbD in Quebec Law, how a standard can help and a PbD approach.

2nd Workshop on Privacy Threat Modeling (WPTM)

Sunday, August 6th, 2023 | 2:30-6PM | In-person attendance The Workshop on Privacy Threat Modeling brings together researchers, practitioners, government representatives, and industry specialists to collaborate on the topic of privacy threats. While aspects of privacy risk modeling are relatively well-developed, such as constructions of privacy harms (Solove’s Taxonomy of Privacy and Calo’s subjective/objective privacy […]

PrivacybyDesign: More than Just a Catchy Phrase | IAPP Silicon Valley, Sacramento, San Francisco KnowledgeNet

“Privacy by design” has been part of the privacy practitioners’ vernacular for well over a decade, but for many the phrase remains vague. In this talk, the author of the IAPP CIPT textbook, Strategic Privacy by Design, will walk through the development of a hypothetical smart thermostat following the recently released Design Process Standard from the Institute of Operational Privacy Design. For many participants this will open up a new avenue of thinking about privacy beyond the laws, principles and programmatic elements they are most familiar with and provide a level of concreteness to the concept beyond the broad to “build privacy in.” 

Privacy Threat and Risk Modeling in 2024 | IAPP Sacramento KnowledgeNet

Threat modeling is all the rage in the security field, but what is threat modeling in privacy? Join R Jason Cronk as he discusses the nascent field of privacy threat and risk modeling. In this IAPP Sacramento KnowledgeNet, he’ll discuss privacy risk as described in his IAPP book Strategic Privacy by Design, the new MITRE Corporation’s PANOPTIC Threat Model and the risk model used in the forthcoming IOPD standard for privacy by design.