Enterprivacy Consulting Group’s lead privacy engineering consultant R. Jason Cronk has been busy recently. Coming up next week, on November 19th, 2013, he will be speaking at the Intel Security Conference: “Dealing with the Increasing Complexity of Security and Privacy.” His talk will be on designing for privacy, principles and practices where he will debut his bubble theory of privacy and discuss Privacy by Design and privacy engineering. In addition, he’ll discuss two projects that built privacy into their systems: IBM’s Sensemaking engine and the Estonian ITL’s use of Sharemind secure multi-party computation system to calculate financial metrics of the Information Technology industry in Estonia.

Jason has also been working on several paper and was recently name to the IAPP Faculty. He’ll be training people looking to get  their CIPP certification. Last month Jason spoke on Privacy Engineering to an enthusiastic group at the IAPP Privacy Academy in Seattle at a pre-conference worshop with Dr. Stuart Shapiro.