Tampa, Fla., April 23, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Enterprivacy Consulting Group has formed as an expert resource for businesses concerned about building privacy and security controls into their products and services.


Joining the emerging field of privacy engineering, Enterprivacy Consulting Group offers expertise in private-sector regulations regarding management of sensitive personal information. Their guidance aids companies by enhancing brand confidence and preserving reputation.


With heightened concerns over companies gathering sensitive customer information and fears that the data isn’t properly safeguarded, privacy is one of the hottest business topics today. Government regulators around the world are encouraging companies to protect the privacy of their clients by rethinking privacy controls. In the rush to embed privacy controls into their products and services, many businesses struggle with how to apply global privacy protection standards.


“Many companies want to do the right thing, but they have a hard time taking an abstract concept like privacy and implementing it in a systematic way,” said R. Jason Cronk, Certified Information Privacy Professional-U.S. and principle privacy engineering consultant with Enterprivacy Consulting Group. “Enterprivacy Consulting Group helps them do that.”


An adherent of Privacy by Design, the recognized global privacy protection standard, Enterprivacy Consulting Group helps companies put this respected program’s principles to work. The group devises strategies to ensure data protection and privacy are included from the design phase of a product or service to its deployment and eventual termination.


“Regulators across the globe are chanting the Privacy by Design mantra,” said Cronk. “To appease regulators and reassure customers worried about how their sensitive information is handled, companies need the expertise in technical privacy analysis and Privacy by Design principles that Enterprivacy Consulting Group can provide.”


Enterprivacy Consulting Group’s services help companies navigate and implement the Privacy by Design standards by conducting privacy audits, analyzing risks to a company’s reputation created by current privacy controls, rethinking privacy controls to mitigate risks and developing comprehensive training programs. The group also provides assessments for investors concerned about the potential privacy related risks of a new venture.


Enterprivacy Consulting Group, a division of media company Foryte Web Services Inc., provides a one-stop resource for companies seeking to incorporate the tenets of Privacy by Design into every facet of their products and services. Please visit www.enterprivacy.com or contact R. Jason Cronk at 828-475-2377.