Rethink your business model

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_MG_2449Starting a new business is risky.

Is your next big idea a privacy nightmare waiting to happen? Are you going to face significant backlash from potential users or are you on the verge of a serious legal headache? Often times businesses over invade individual’s privacy interest not because they want to but because they need to. You need to get to the heart of what you’re trying to accomplish as a business, what problem are you trying to solves and how can you do it an a privacy sensitive way. Google’s business isn’t about delivering targeted ads  based on extensive profiles of individuals. No, its about making advertising more effective so as not the waste the resources of the advertiser (on uninterested viewers) and waste the time of ad viewers (on unrelated ads). Too many times, requirements are built to support a particular result, not to support the underlying goal. Requirements should be about what you want to achieved not how you want to achieve it.

Enterprivacy can help

Enterprivacy Consulting Group offers special consulting targeted specifically for start-ups and early stage companies. Whether you are in the idea stage, ready to go to market, or still maturing – we can design a consulting package for you.

For Investors

We also offer due diligence analysis for investors wanting to understand the privacy risks behind a new venture.