Building Your Products With Privacy In Mind!

The Seven Foundational Principles of Privacy by Design

Privacy by Design” (PbD) is a concept that has been championed since 1997 by Ann Cavoukian, the former information and privacy commissioner of Ontario, Canada. The concept refers to applying the areas of information technology, accountable business practice, and physical design to the following seven principles:

What We Offer


Privacy by Design starts with training. Whether it’s seasoned privacy professionals, product managers or engineering staff, each can learn from our focused process driven training. We will teach attendees to recognizes privacy invasions, use tactics to mitigate those invasions and how to appropriately select tactics. The process will result in comprehensive documentation that not only any regulator would be happy to see but will result in more secure and thoughtful products your customers will trust.

Program Development

Products and services are never static. Static offerings will quickly kill your business, and as your business expands so too does the need to address any and all privacy issues. ECG can help you build a world class Privacy by Design Program, so that you can repeatedly address new privacy issues as your product changes.

Design Assistance

Identifying privacy issues themselves can be one of the toughest jobs. Privacy can be extremely nuanced and often hinges on identifying at-risk populations among large customer bases. Analysts must also consider cognitive biases, information asymmetries, and often ethical boundaries in order to conduct a proper assessment. Not only can ECG help you identify these hidden risks, we will also suggest mitigating controls, be they simple business model changes or more sophisticated technologies.

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