Privacy By Design Professional

April 30th, 2019 | Immediately before the IAPP Global Summit

One Metro Business Center​ | Washington, DC

Learn from leading global privacy expert Jason Cronk, the author of Strategic Privacy by Design. This full day class turns privacy professionals into privacy by design professionals. Four sessions take you through the all the elements necessary for including privacy by design in your products, services and processes.

Session 1 – Building a model: Actors and violations
Participants will be introduced to the concept of privacy by design and will then learn how to identify threatening actors and potential privacy invasions. Participants will work through an interactive example throughout the day to explore the construction of a privacy model from scratch.

Session 2 – Controls: Architecture, Strategies and Tactics
This session will examine the controls available to mitigate privacy risks. Participants will first examine the architecture of the system and its role in creating privacy-friendly processes. Then there will be a systematic review of the strategies and tactics that can be used.

Session 3 – Privacy Risk Analysis
Participants will discuss the consequences of privacy breaches for individuals. This will be used to develop a privacy risk model based on FAIR, the information risk factor analysis.

Session 4 – The Design Process
In this session, all the elements will be brought together in a cohesive process to design a privacy-friendly system, secure data, supervise data use and balance individual interests and organizational activities. Participants will have the opportunity to apply the design process to real-world examples.


Coffee and lunch 

A copy of the book Strategic Privacy by Design

A copy of the new Strategic Privacy by Design card game 

Certificate of Completion

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700 12th Street NW / Washington, DC

 April 30th, from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM

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