NIST Privacy Framework

Cybersecurity and Privacy Learning Program

A knowledgeable and skilled workforce is at key to success in your privacy and cybersecurity program. NIST is in the process of revising their Special Publication 800-50 for how to create and operate a Cybersecurity and Privacy Learning Program. Training is one of Enterprivacy Consulting Group’s strengths and we can help you create a successful learning program for cybersecurity and privacy!


Strategic Consulting Hourly Packages

Just need a subject matter expert on your side? We offer set hours or monthly retainers to answer all your training needs. If we don’t know the answer, we’ll research it for you. 

Build a Strategic Plan​

We will work with your organization to build a strategic plan to improve your workforce’s privacy and security knowledge and skills. This plan will be integrated with your overall workforce development and privacy and security program.

Get Down to Implementation​

Step two in the NIST Cybersecurity and Privacy Learning Program, coming after developing a strategic plan, is the analysis and design of your program. We will help you analysis and identify your needs (such as learning objectives) and creating a program design document. This will help you choose the type, timing and contents of your training, driving your search for source material.

Source Material for Your Training

Looking at all your needs, we will work with you to draft RFQ and RFPs, then sift through the service offerings available in the market. Though we offer training services, our service here is objective and aimed to help you find the best training resources for your company. 

LMS Hosting​

For small and medium businesses that need to offer training to their staff, but don’t have a learning management system, you can outsource that to us.

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