Virtual Joint Canadian KnowledgeNet

“Privacy by design” has been part of the privacy practitioners’ vernacular for well over a decade, but for many the phrase remains vague. In this talk, the author of the IAPP CIPT textbook, Strategic Privacy by Design, will walk through the development of a hypothetical smart thermostat following the recently released Design Process Standard from the Institute of Operational Privacy Design. For many participants this will open up a new avenue of thinking about privacy beyond the laws, principles and programmatic elements they are most familiar with and provide a level of concreteness to the concept beyond the broad to “build privacy in.”

Privacy by Design In Practice

This one-day hybrid training will provide you with hands-on learning on how to build privacy into your products, services or business processes. It is an intensive hands-on training with enough time for reflection, discussions, and practical group exercises. Learn from R. Jason Cronk, one of the best known Privacy Engineers and author of IAPP’s CIPT textbook Strategic Privacy by Design!