Jason Cronk’s NEW Book: Strategic Privacy by Design

R. Jason Cronk’s book, Strategic Privacy by Design, is available now to order from IAAP Publishing. Advance praise for R. Jason Cronk’s book: “Jason Cronk’s Strategic Privacy by Design sets forth a clear, comprehensive, and highly practical blueprint for incorporating privacy into design. Cronk deftly explains the dimensions of privacy in a sophisticated way that is […]

ISO/PC 317- Consumer protection: privacy by design for consumer goods and services

ISO/PC 317 brings together privacy experts from around the world to develop the first set of international guidelines for ensuring consumer privacy is included in the design of products and services. In this effort, Enterprivacy Consulting Group has joined national brands like Apple, Google and Microsoft and major consulting firms like Ernst and Young, KPMG […]

Comments to the FTC on Informational Injury Workshop

On December 12st of last year, the FTC held a workshop on Informational Injury to discuss consumer injury resulting from privacy and data security. I was unable to attend the workshop, but watched as it was live-streamed over the Internet. The FTC left comments open for until January 26th, nearly coinciding with International Data Privacy […]

CSA Congress and the Privacy Academy

Last month, Enterprivacy Consultant Jason Cronk attended the CSA Congress and the Privacy in San Jose. It was a historic event with the Cloud Security Alliance and the IAPP recognizing combined need to address their joint interest with a combined conference. Jason blogged about his visit to the conference for the Collaborista Blog. You can […]

The key to location is in the location of the keys.

Enterprivacy Consulting Group consultant Jason Cronk pens another blog for the Collaborista Blog. This time he talks about the need to keep control of your encryption keys. See “The Key to Securing Your Off-Site Data.”

It’s all about the location…..

Following a Gartner report on the different types of location qualifiers for information (physical, legal, logical and political), Enterprivacy Consulting Group consultant R. Jason Cronk guest blogs on to topic on Intralinks, Inc.’s CollaboristaBlog. CollaboristaBlog is Intralinks‘ enterprise collaboration blog, dedicated to  the latest news, advice, trends and research on data protection, compliance, cyber security, […]

Data Privacy Day 2014

In honor of Data Privacy Day 2014, Enterprivacy Consulting Group is proud to announce the publication by our very own consultant, Jason Cronk, of a new white paper on Privacy by Design (PbD) and Privacy Engineering. Published by the Ontario Information and Privacy Commissioner’s office and coauthored with Commissioner Ann Cavoukian and Stuart Shapiro of […]

Privacy After Hours in Miami, Florida

Enterprivacy Consulting Group is pleased to announce that we will host the IAPP Privacy After Hours event in Miami, Florida this year in honor of Data Privacy Day. Details below: Date: January 28, 2014 (Data Privacy Day) Time: 5pm – 7pm Location: The News Lounge Address: 5580 NE 4th Court, Suite 4b & 5a The […]

The perils of investing in technology without considering privacy.

Back in November of 2013, Snapchat, the popular image and video sharing application spurned a $3 billion offer from Facebook. Facebook, losing ground among teens, is eager to purchase services that appeal to this audience. Though the offer was clearly way above Snapchat’s market value, in made sense in Facebook’s portfolio. Fast forward to Christmas […]

Recent events

Enterprivacy Consulting Group’s lead privacy engineering consultant R. Jason Cronk has been busy recently. Coming up next week, on November 19th, 2013, he will be speaking at the Intel Security Conference: “Dealing with the Increasing Complexity of Security and Privacy.” His talk will be on designing for privacy, principles and practices where he will debut […]