About Us

We’re a small start-up focused on developing some privacy related software tools for companies to use. We have a number of tools in various stages of development, including a privacy notice generator, a privacy risk assessment tool and a privacy by design assistance tool. We also run a Wiki devoted to privacy at privacy.wiki. In addition, the company provides training and is working on a certification program for organizations. The tools may ultimately help companies get certified or have us manage the certification.


We’re looking for a Product Designer (UI/UX) to work on these tools. In general, we prefer developing tools that run primarily in JavaScript in the browser, with little to no interaction with a centralized server. The Product Designer will be responsible for the look and feel and should have B2B product design experience.

First product  – Privacy risk analysis tool
o Improve the interface and operation
o Plan for future integration with design wizard (below)
o Creating a hosted solution option

Second product – Privacy Design Wizard

Third Product – Privacy Notice Generator
Privacy notice generator (https://simpleprivacynotice.com/) to be made available as a WordPress plugin as well as on Shopify and others 

This a 1099 contract role based per project. You can either bid on a per project basis or hourly rate. You will work remotely, on your own, and must have a computer and internet access. 

Contact Us

Please email your resume and a cover letter to “JzeroB at enterprivacy.com” addressing the following questions

  1. What experience do you have in B2B product design?
  2. Describe any passion you have for privacy/security

Privacy Notice: Your information will be deleted within 3 months of a hiring decision. This will allow us to contact past applicants in the case of a hired applicant not working out.