Building Your Products With Privacy In Mind!

Jason Cronk

R. Jason Cronk
Privacy Provocateur
Enterprivacy Consulting Group


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Fullstack developer

About Us

We’re a small start-up working on some privacy related software tools for companies to use. We have a number of tools in various stages of development, including a privacy notice generator, a privacy risk assessment tool and a privacy by design assistance tool. We also run a Wiki devoted to privacy at In addition, the company provides training and is working on a certification program for organizations. The tools may ultimately help companies get certified or provide assessors the tools to certify those organizations.

Role Overview

We’re looking for a developer with expertise in JavaScript, CSS and (PHP or Node.JS) to work on these tools. In general, we prefer developing tools that run primarily in JavaScript in the browser, with little to no interaction with a centralized server. Some of that will change and we move to offer some hosted services, but we still want to focus on primarily decentralized web-based tools.


  • Grow our privacy risk tool (
    • Improve the interface and operation
    • Plan for future integration with design wizard (below)
    • Creating a hosted solution option
  • Grow and expand our privacy notice generator (  including:
    • Expanding the tool’s functionality
    • Planning and designing the tool for future upgrades
    • Integrating the tool as a WordPress plugin
    • Planning for version control of generated notices
    • Creating a hosted solution for notices created with the tool
  • Grow our privacy by design wizard
    • Improve the interface and operation
    • Plan for future integration with privacy risk tool (above)
    • Creating a hosted solution option


  • Agile development and ability to document both in code and through external documentation
  • JavaScript (use of Jquery & JStatMaster)
  • CSS and good design skills (use of JQuery UI & Bootstrap)
  • UI/UX Experience including highly graphical interfaces and WCAG – Web Content Accessibility Guidelines
  • PHP or NodeJS & MySQL for back-end development, secure coding practices
  • Github
  • WordPress Plugin Development
  • Background or passion for security/privacy a strong plus
  • Background in math/statistics/probability a strong plus

A few caveat:
1) You will be expected to attend a 6 week training course on Privacy by Design from July to August, Successful completion of this course is imperative. Expect to spend about 5 hours per week attending the course.
2) The job will start out slowly about 10-20 hours per week but will ramp up late summer. (You are free to do other work, just be aware of the ramp up in expected hours.)
3) We are also hiring a product manager that you’ll be expected to work closely with.
4) This a 1099 contract position and you will be expected to set your own hours and supply your own equipment and internet connection

Contact Us

Please email your resume and a cover letter to “JzeroB at” addressing the following questions

  1. What experience do you have in JS based graphical interfaces?
  2. Describe any passion you have for privacy/security
  3. How would you rate your mathematics skills?
  4. Your expected hourly rate (we don’t negotiate but may base hiring on your rate)

Your information will be deleted within 3 months of a hiring decision. This will allow us to contact past applicants in the case of a hired applicant not working out.

ALTERNATIVELY, you may apply via UPWORK

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