1NCEMAIL the disposable email app.

How many times after completing a purchase at a store have you been given the option of giving them your email address to mail you a receipt? You wonder to yourself, “what are you doing with my email? Are you going to SPAM me?” Unbeknownst to you, many of these retailers may be selling your information to data brokers or tracking you across purchases. This is especially a concern where the email is collected by the payment processor (like SQUARE) who may be building a dossier on you and your sales history.

The solution? Enter 1NCEMAIL, a disposable email alias mobile phone app. Just released for Android devices, 1ncemail gives you a disposable, one time use email to give to merchants. You get your receipt, and the email becomes worthless. By downloading 1ncemail, you get 10 free aliases to try and then additional aliases can be purchased for as low as 1/2 cent a piece, using the Internet currency Bitcoin.

The APP is very simple and easy to use. Install it at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.oncemail.disposableemailapp1NCEMAIL - Single use email aliases for your phone.

You can read 1NCEMAIL’s privacy policy at http://1ncemail.com/index.cfm?controller=home&action=privacy

1NCEMAIL is a product of Foryte Web Services, Inc., the parent company of Enterprivacy Consulting Group.